Carogit sewer double-walled polyethylene pipe

Novin Pipe Light Engineering Company, having the production line of Carogit sewer ethylene bridge pipes, has the ability to produce Carogit pipes from 200 to 400 mm with the best quality and wall resistance of 31.5 kN / ton / m2.

Carogit pipes or double-walled pipes are made of polyethylene, which makes them have better properties than other pipes.

This pipe is used for urban and rural sewage because corrugated pipes also withstand underground pressure due to the fact that they can withstand a lot of pressure.

Features of corrugated pipe

Resistant to erosion and decay caused by chemicals,

Strong against high pressure,

High flexibility and longevity,

Lightweight and easy to install,

Leakage resistant

Other uses of these pipes can be used for water drainage, edema sewage pipes, carrying alkaline and acidic materials, industrial water and…

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